VoIP Amplifier

The Sadra public announcement system is a modern, future-proof and flexible usable announcement system. The system is provided to warn and inform maintenance and service staff and give instruction to people in critical situations.
The Tunnel Public Address System enables the following announcement ways:
• Publishing of voice messages via the “Desktop VOIP Stream Station” in tunnel, parking or control rooms
• Publishing of pre-record voice messages
To announce important messages to the passengers or maintenance staff, public address system can take place out either live by the operator or via pre-recorded messages from the Main station.
Embedded web pages held within each VOIP Power Amplifier can be accessed over a network using a browser, such as Internet Explorer, to view, monitor, and change settings within the unit.

The amplifiers are used to amplify signal to loudspeakers. The amplifier is mountable in the 2/4U rack.
Main Features
• Rack-mounted/ Panel mounted
• Web Page Configuration
• Real-time Alarm Reporting Via Modbus TCP protocol
• 220 VAC
• 120~350 W
• SIP Compatible
• Modbus TCP protocol compatible
• IP based
• Playing predefined sounds
• Stable solution


Technical Specification

Main specifications
  • Manufacturer: SADRA
  • Mounting :Rack mounted / Panel mounted
  • Power supply: 220 VAC
  • Network: 10/100 Based Ethernet RJ45
  • Output power: 120~350 W
  • Protocol: SIP(RFC3261) protocol
  • Working temperature: from -15°C to +55°C.
  • Control Interface: Modbus TCP protocol for control system and SCADA monitoring and commanding.
  • Controls:
    • Web: VoIP setting, Speaker volume, IP add. Setting, reset factory, reboot and …
    • SCADA: applying commands via Modbus protocol to play predefined sounds in case of emergency or special
  • circumstances
    • Configuration: Embedded web panel
  • SCADA protocol: Modbus TCP
  • Sending its current status to control system and SCADA via Modbus TCP protocol
    • Overall Status
    • Broadcasting status
  • Applying command from control system and SCADA via Modbus TCP protocol in different circumstances to play predefined messages