Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

SADRAAID is a complete and professional serverbased solution for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection. It allows reliable detection of incidents and anomalies in traffic flow on critical infrastructures such as highways, tunnels and intersections.

Main purpose of Automatic Video Incident Detection System is to increase safety on the road. With hundreds of cameras deployed throughout highways and tunnels delivering the immense amount of information simultaneously, it is impossible even for a group of human operators to monitor and evaluate the information effectively or efficiently. Reliable AID system is a must in such environments because it significantly improves the efficiency of traffic management systems. It automatically reports dangerous situations and irregular traffic conditions, such as:

  • Fire or smoke in a tunnel,
  • Stopped vehicle,
  • Slow vehicle,
  • Driving in opposite direction,
  • Pedestrians in traffic lanes,
  • Dropped cargo
  • Traffic congestion.

Video Automatic Incident Detection quality is evident in these most important AID parameters:

  • High Detection Ratio -the number of incidents detected to the actual number of incidents in a data set
  • Low False Alarm Ratio -the number of incorrectly detected incidents to the number of all detected incidents
  • Video analysis of 3D object (dimension, speed and direction)
  • Moving objects maintain the same properties (i.e. speed and dimension) everywhere in the image
  • The detection zones have to include only the road surface where the objects are moving


  • Manufacturer: SADRA Co.
  • Video Input:
    • Digital (IP) cameras
    • This includes, but is not limited to, MPEG 1/2/4 (including H.264 / AVC), MJPEG, etc.
    • Multiple camera streams can be connected to a single AID analyzer. AID software detects events simultaneously from all cameras connected to the analyzer
  • Detections
    • Location of the vehicle in the wrong direction
    • Location of stopped vehicle
    • Trafc Slowdown (trafc congestion, congurable, 20 km/h threshold)
    • Slow vehicle (speed threshold under which the vehicle is classied as slow is congurable by the user)
    • Pedestrian presence and location
    • Reduced or Loss of Visibility (smoke, fog, etc.)
    • Abandoned object in the road
  • Statistics
    • Average Vehicle Speed (per interval and vehicle class)
    • Vehicle Volume (per interval and vehicle class)
  • Error Notification
    • Video Signal Loss
    • Camera Displacement – camera has moved from its original position
  • System Error Notification
    • Video Analyzer Error
    • Video Analyzer Communication Loss
  • Configuration
    • Detection Zones
    • Traffic Direction
    • Events (alarms, statistics) for each zone
    • Camera Calibration Parameters
    • Enabling/disabling of events/statistics
  • SCADA Integration:
    • Modbus TCP protocol